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Before and Way Before

26 June

Many friends have been asking me to post pictures of Denis and I when we first began our journey in the health food path. But first, here is one of my favorite clips from the Sopranos that kinda reminds me of the pictures you will see below. I call these pictures, the pictures of when we were over weight: the Sopranos… you’ll see why.

Denis lost a total of 93 Lbs

I lost over 50 lbs.


Most of the weight loss came after we switched to raw vegan, but the first weight we lost was after we switched from red meat to only poultry and fish. After a few years on just fish, we lost more weight again.

I do have to confess that being only raw vegan, can also add weight. I’ve been able to keep my weight stable for 2 years and continue to stay on that weight. I have also been able to build muscle on just raw by adding vegan protein. However, the minute I stop exercising to build muscle and didn’t change my way of eating, my weight changed.

Each person is different as I always say, so we all must find what works for us.

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  • Miguel

    Hey guys! WOW! I had no idea! Im so happy for you guys, and super thankful for your being so committed and inspirational :).

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Miguel! Many blessings to you!

  • claudia I.

    Lina amazing! Thanks for share with us!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Claudia! 🙂

  • ToneeD

    You guys are awesome.  I love you both and thank you for always being so open to share your knowledge with others

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Tonee! <3

  • Claudia I.

    This article really inspired me! thanks, and I will share with all my friends.

    • Lina Gonzalez

       Gracias Claudia! Tu tambien eres una inspiracion!